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Battery operated wheelchairs and scooters are considered as luggage and normal luggage allowance must be taken into account.

When booking your transportation, you will be offered optional extras on private transfers only.

All the airlines have handling agents. They will organize for any mislaid luggage at the airport to be forwarded to your resort address.

Baggage left on board the transport vehicle shall be sent to the address given to us by you in the service booking request and you shall pay any additional charges.

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Leading Address of Airport Transfer Service in Antalya: Antalya Shuttle Transfer

One of the most common problems experienced by individuals during their vacation or business trips is the transfer process between the airport and the destination. The situation is the same at Antalya airport. Making plans before the flight and contacting a good Antalya airport transfer company allows individuals to experience a better transfer process after the flight.

As Antalya Shuttle Transfer family, we provide you the best comfort and confidence during the transfer process. With the experience we have gained from providing transfer services to Antalya airport and its surrounding regions for many years, we offer the best service to our customers today too. You can also benefit from our 24/7 Antalya airport transfer applications by contacting our website.

Antalya airport is one of the busiest airports in our country with its annual passenger capacity. Not only local but also global passengers are hosted here. Especially in the summer months, with the opening of the tourism season, individuals from all over the world flock to the city of Antalya. This naturally highlights the importance of Antalya airport transfer service. Our Antalya Shuttle Transfer company continues its commercial life, which it started with the motto of "customer satisfaction first", with the same principles. We not only aim to perform Antalya airport transfer service, but also aim to reach better levels in the sector. We can list the features of the services offered by our company as follows:

Antalya Airport Transfer: We transfer the passengers arriving in Antalya via the airport with the vehicle types they request from the airport to the locations they will go to. Likewise, we take individuals from every part of the city and transfer them to the airport in a safe and comfortable way. Our standard car vehicle models are included in this category.

7/24 Antalya Airport Transfer: Our company provides 24/7 transfer service without interruption. All you have to do is contact our customer representative and inform you about your transfer details.

Antalya Airport VIP Transfer: For those who care about comfort, your Antalya airport VIP transfer service is a great option. With our latest model and highly equipped vehicles, you can comfortably reach the point you want.

Antalya Airport Economic Transfer: The distance during the transfer process can often be long. We also have a service for our customers in search of economic transfer. Our shared minibus and economical minivan vehicles are an ideal option for those looking for an economical transfer service from Antalya airport.

Antalya Airport Shuttle (Shared) Transfer: Those looking for economic transfer can benefit from our Antalya airport shuttle (shared transfer service. Shared transfer is an application where vehicles are shared with more than one customer. It is known for being more economically affordable.

Antalya Airport Hotel Transfer: We wouldn't be wrong if we say Antalya is the city of hotels. Especially for holiday organizations, the hotel is indispensable. You can take advantage of the safe and comfortable transfer service from the airport to your hotel by calling our company a few days before your flight and making a reservation.

Antalya Airport Transfer Services

Antalya airport transfer services are an application frequently used by those who do not know the city and seek a comfortable journey. As it is known, Antalya has a very large area in terms of surface area. With the increase in its population in recent years, it has caused heavy traffic in most of its locations. Getting professional support during the Antalya airport hotel transfer process both opens the doors of safe driving and saves time for customers as experienced drivers dominate the city traffic. The master drivers of our Antalya Shuttle Transfer company offer you the best service in this field. While our drivers determine the best road map for you and provide driving, all you have to do is sip your coffee and watch the city.

Today, it is seen that airlines also participate in airport transfer transportation. This is actually a positive development for the industry. Because private businesses that provide Antalya airport transfer service have pushed themselves to develop themselves in order to compete. However, the biggest feature that distinguishes our company from the service of airlines is that we offer transfer opportunities in accordance with every budget of our customers. While individuals who value high comfort prefer our Antalya airport VIP transfer service, we offer our Antalya airport economic transfer service for those who say, "How can I get the most suitable Antalya airport transfer service?" We have been proud of providing perfect service to all our customers for years.

Antalya Airport Transfer Fees

Antalya airport transfer fees are one of the problems frequently highlighted by those who have Antalya city in their holiday plans. However, it should be noted that many factors affect the determination of the transfer fee. Details such as the distance between the airport and the destination, the type of service to be received and the quality of the requested vehicle are some of the factors that determine the price of the 24/7 Antalya airport transfer service. So how much are Antalya airport transfer fees? Here is the answer…

We mentioned above that the prices of Antalya airport transfer fees are variable. To illustrate, the transfer fee to Antalya airport and Kundu location is between 13 pounds and 25 pounds. In addition, the transfer time of this distance is 25 minutes. Another example is the transfer from Gazipaşa airport to Çenger. The transfer fee of the ride, which takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, is between 550 TL and 600 TL on average. As can be seen, transfer times have a great impact on Antalya airport transfer fees.

How is the Airport Transfer Service?

Details about Antalya airport transfer service are a matter of curiosity. We have shared the details of this professional service provided by our Antalya Shuttle Transfer company for you in the rest of the article. In this way, you can find an answer to your question, "How is the airport transfer service?"

When you book your hotel and plane tickets for your holiday in the summer months, the most important stage of your holiday plan remains: Antalya airport economic transfer service. Before your flight, you choose the most suitable transfer method for you via our company's website or by communication. If you wish, you can choose the Antalya airport hotel transfer service and go directly to your hotel, or you can have a comfortable journey in our luxury vehicles with the Antalya airport VIP transfer option. In addition to these, our Antalya airport shuttle (shared) transfer service is a great option for those who want an economical ride.

Our latest model vehicles and drivers will greet you at the airport even before you get off your plane. In this way, you can go to the desired location without wasting any time and start your holiday quickly and safely. As the Antalya Shuttle Transfer family, we provide you with 24/7 Antalya airport transfer service, allowing you to make a good start to your holiday.

Airport Transfer Service Advantages

There are many different options for transportation in Antalya. However, when you choose the Antalya airport transfer option, you will have many special advantages. These advantages give you a good start to your vacation or business trip. So what are the advantages of Antalya airport transfer service? It is possible to answer this question in several articles.

Timely Transportation: When you decide to take Antalya airport economic transfer or Antalya airport VIP transfer services, you will have the advantage of timely transportation. Because the drivers with high city driving experience will determine the most accurate transfer route for you.

Comfort: Thanks to our wide vehicle fleet, we offer you a comfortable driving opportunity. While our professional drivers are driving safely, you can spend time reading a book or sipping coffee while enjoying the city view.

Hygiene: After the pandemic process, hygiene has become an important issue in transportation. While the risk is high in public transportation, you can minimize all risks with Antalya airport transfer service.

Safe Transportation: Since you will be traveling with people who have received professional training and certain driving experience, you can spend the transfer process peacefully.

If you like the information we provide about Antalya airport transfer in this article, you can benefit from our services by contacting us. You may also be interested in our Tatil Transfercisi site about Antalya airport transfer.

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